How to bounce back from being stood up?

after weeks of a guy wanting to hang out and making plans, he stands me up a few hours before we were going to hang out, I'm so hurt and have felt nauseous since it happened two days ago, how do i get over this, i can't even imagine putting myself out there again and just feel really left down, it would have been ok if our plans were light, but the fact that he built it up for so long and so much only to left me down really stung hard


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  • Was he just a friend to you or was this more like a date? If he was just a friend, things happen, I mean, at least he called to let you know so you didn't just go and he never showed up. I'm sure he doesn't mean anything personal by it, of course it is a huge let down but... you could always try to make plans in the future. If this was more of a date, then it's possible that he doesn't really like you anymore, especially if he didn't make follow up plans or anything like that

    • he didn't even tell me we was canceling, i had to ask him myself since i hadn't heard from him lately

    • You're not a priority to him :/ he's not a good friend

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