Is it ok to get into a relationship while other guys are interested in me?

In school I'm kind of popular. Well I'm not popular, but I am. I'm 100% introverted, weird, and nerdy so I never hung out with the "cool" crowd. However, according to my friends I'm super pretty. So I'm pretty much queen of the losers. I have tons of friends, and there are some guys who like me. There's one guy who wants to take me on a date Friday, another guy who literally carries me to class and pretty much guards me from other boys, another guy who is always bringing me snacks, another guy who has tried to kiss me twice, another guy who is begging for my phone number (I didn't give it to him cause he's kinda rude), a soccer player who calls me babe and blows kisses to me from across the classroom, and last but not least my friend who lives in the same neighborhood as me named Shane. Shane just asked me out the other day and I told him to give me some time to think about it. I just feel really bad if I start a relationship with him with all these other guys trying to get my attention. It feels kind of harsh. I feel like it would be weird. These guys literally do so much to try to get my attention. They have literally fought over me. One of them bought me a ticket and begged me to go with him to a school dance (I went). I know I sorta sound like a bitch, but I'm not. Most of my friends are guys and most of these guys started off as friends and then they caught feelings. I never meant for this to happen, but it did, and nowI feel awful.


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  • Its ok to enter into aw relationship if u want to. Otherwise pretty girls would always be single. But dont be surprised if all the guys become all jelly and fight with your new boyfriend.

    • I'm not just worried about them fighting with him, I'm worried about them hating me. When everything started these guys were just good friends. Some of them were my first friends when I transferred schools. They mean a lot to me and I really don't want to hurt them. I really don't want them to think I purposely led them on for my own twisted games while I had another guy on the side. I really never meant for this to happen. I was just the new girl in school, I made some friends, and now they want something more than that. I really don't want it to seem like I did this deliberately. They mistook my friendship for romantic attraction and now everything is all screwed up.

    • Oh ok. Its a tough situation and maybe u should just wait awhile before entering into a relationship. I thinks its best if u clearly say that u just see them as friends rather them leading them on. Its nice to flirt every once in a while but make it clear that its fun and games and nothing serious.

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  • If you like Shane go out with him. Do what makes you happy.

    • I like him, but I don't want to hurt them in the process

    • That's not your problem. That's theirs. You can't never get in a relationship just because other people like you.

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