My boyfriend invited me to an outing and no body came?

My boyfriend goes to a pub to play trivia almost every week. They play for the prizes and win a lot.

He invited me for a BTTF themed night and literally no one he plays with came. There's usually 15 of them. I didn't want to give him a hard time and wasn't upset because I thought maybe they all just flaked for some reason that night (other than me).

But it as I got to thinking about it it just seemed highly unlikely. He also invited me on a boat trip one time then snuck out of my house the morning of to go without me. He said the boat was a rental and they ran out of seats. I found out later by accident when his friend from college was in town and said let's go out on your boat. His boat that he couldn make a seat for me on.

Why hey would a guy act this way? I've had some misdealings in life with men but this takes the cake.


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  • Ask him why he keeps doing that, just tell him you know something's going on and you want to know what's going on.


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