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So... I have a crush on my ex... Well isn't more of a crush... It's more like I live my ex and I wanna get back together with her... We've been exes for about 3 years now, and she has a boyfriend she never talks about, but she likes me too, but she wants to go out with me but... You know, the before mentioned problem (The boyfriend) I've known her for almost 5 years now... So... What happens... I mean... I don't even know but I can't get her off my mind recently


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  • If she is telling you she likes you, and she's dating someone else, she is disrespecting her relationship, and leading you on. You can't trust her, or believe that she would treat you any better as a partner. If she truly valued you, and had feelings for you, she would simply end her relationship to pursue you, and because it's respectful to her partner, not to deceive him. She's a manipulative, deceitful women, not worth your time, don't be fooled.


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