Is one month in the relationship too soon to use the L--- word?

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  • lol at your age or anyone for that matter Its only puppy love


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  • Say it whenever you feel it.
    I wanted to say it about 3-4 months in. Caught it on the tip of my tongue and stopped myself because I felt like it was 'too soon'. We've now been together for two years and, due to completely psyching myself about how I feel, I have yet to say it. I regret not having just said it back then.

    What's the worst that can happen? If they don't feel the same, better to know sooner than later or you'll at least know where you two stand at the moment. (... likely just have to give the other a bit more time.)


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  • For me, I think that would be way too soon but, I guess it depends on the couple. You should only say it if that's how you truly feel and if you believe that you love someone after a month of being together then go for it. You should say it whenever you feel ready.


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