Flirting, cuddling and hand holding mean anything?

Basically, this guy is a mutual friend of my others I know a bit well. He asked me out randomly, but then plans fell through. Few days later, we both hung out with the mutual friend. Him and my friend are really close, hang out a lot, and I know he really likes her but she's not interested.

Anyway, that night, we were hanging out on her bed but she fell asleep. Me and the guy kept talking though, flirting, and eventually we ended up cuddling/sleeping together - no sex. We were cuddling and holding hands and stuff all night and at one point he wanted to kiss me but I declined. I like him but like going slow. He left early for work and I stayed to hang out with the other friend. But since, he hasn't brought it up or texted me unless I initiate. I texted him saying I liked him, had fun and wanted to do something again sometime and he agreed but otherwise barely seems interested over text. I'm wondering what to think if anything? Does he like me or was that just a random one night casual thing?

I know he usually hangs out, even naps and sleeps over at the friends house often, but did what happened with us mean anything? I think he still likes my friend but I'm confused by why he would cuddle and everything if he wasn't interested

Tl;dr: hung out at a friends house with a guy. Me and the guy ended up flirting and cuddling all night, but then haven't heard from him since. Does he like me or was it a casual thing?


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