Guys, guy I've been seeing for 7 months and having sex with and claims he loves me hasn't made it official and goes out with other girls sometimes?

im depressed and dont know what to do HELP Im in college but let me back up for a minute. so I've known this guy forever because we are from the same small town but he always had a girl friend so I never got the chance to be interested in him even though I always was a little bit secrelty.. so anyways we started texting after him and his girl friend broke up right after graduation and we went out and he started really liking me but I was still seeing my ex but he was willing to wait for me basically.

so we go the entire summer and he is like obsessed with me and i just wasn't over my ex so we end up going to the same college and the beginng of school he was still head over heels but then I started falling for him and got over my ex and now everything has changed and im literally in love with the guy now.

he got in a frat (most popular frat on campus)& i didn't get in a sorority and he's changed now because of it and girls are alll over him here because he's hot and i mean not trying to sound conceited but im a pretty girl and Im having a hard time meeting guys and friends not being in a sorority because my school is really based off that which is stupid I know but thats just how it is.

and he goes to date parties with other girls and doesn't take me to his.. I think its an image thing because he thinks he's all badass now because girls like him & he's always had a girlfriend and likes the attention and wants to seem cool by taking hot girls in sororitys to stuff to prove a point (assuming things) but im liked by all his friends and people know me here but i have no friends because everyone is in a sorority and are always busy with stuff I can't do so i seem really desperate but he's literally all i have so im going crazy because I like him so much and now he's backed off but like he tells me he loves me (havent said it back yet) and talks about out future together and says If i can wait unitl after he is initiated because he is so busy is he will date me next semester
  • just cut it off he's not worth it
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  • stick it out until next semester like he said if you guys love each other just to see if he pulls through and if not then you can end it
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  • he is idiot, just leave him he sounds like a player and he used u for sex.
    he got what he wanted and now he is finiding other girls to have fun.

    • do you think he will ever mature and be ready to just be with me or does he really not want a future with me like he says?

    • such kind of guys are creep...
      they dont stick to one girl... they just roam and hunt girls...
      dont be emotional fool

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