I'm worried about his ex?

I have been seeing this guy for a few months at uni & now by a bit of a distance at home (2hrs).

He has been great & on the weekend he said he doesn't want to see anyone else because I make him happy.

He has been texting less but calling more & said last night that he prefers to call rather than text all day. I am going to see him on Sunday.

I just found out from a friend that his ex broke up with the guy she was seeing. He was totally in love with her & his plan once upon a time was to get back with her this summer. She said something to him about getting back together just before we left uni & he refused her. I know they occasionally text but he has told me that & they don't meet up & it is just friendly. But I'm worried about her now she is single...


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  • You either trust him or don't. He has reassured you he doesn't want her, AND he's told his ex he isn't interested. Don't create an issue where there isn't one. If you let it become a problem, you will push him away, and you already know his ex is waiting for him.


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