Girls, If you meet a Random guy and you are sexually interested in him, how would you hint / let him know?


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  • I'd ask for their number

    • Thanks :)) What if you approached a random guy first and have conversation, but give an excuse to not give your number when he asks for it?

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    • Yes like if I approached him and then he said something offensive that would be the case

    • Have you been in such a situation?

  • i ask him for sex

    • Thanks :)) Would you straight up ask the random guy or indirectly hint?

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    • I am Jason's good friend "Bunny". I was curious. That's all.

    • sorry to trouble you again :)

      If you wanted to have casual sex with Jason and he advised you to get a degree from college, because you dropped out of school.

      Would you still ask Jason for casual sex or think he is rude and leave?

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