Guys, If you were ,, him,, would you go on date with me or not?

So there is this guy lets name him Max and there is his friend Jack (not real names of the people I will be talking). So I was in love with Max but we never dated because Jack kind of destroied our relationship and I don't even know why and he also used to bully me two/three years ago. Then in January I was at a party and there was Jack too and he tried to make out with me but I rejected him and after that he tried one more time and also invited me to his home but I didn't go and nothing ever happened between us. I used to hate Jack so much cuz because of him I never got a chance with Max but after that party that was like 11 months ago I can't stop thinking about him I want to try to show him that I like him but I don't know HOW... and also I am afraid to make the first step becuase I am a girl and also things between us are weird hah he bullied me then he tried to make out with me then at other parties he always talked to me and was kind of nice to me... so I am planing to show him somehow that I like him but I don't know how... so boys if a girl who once rejected you would you give her a chance or not? is it weird if a girl makes the first step? :)


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  • Oh so you're going for Jack at the end? ._.

    Honestly... I MIGHT give her a chance, but I need to hear a REASON of why you 'suddenly' changed your mind.
    And, no taking the first step isn't weird

  • If I was "Jack" which I am not and I want to make that very clear, I wouldn't date you. I'm not as stupid as Jack. You're just trying to get with him so you can find "Max" again and try to get back at jack for bullying you by cheating on him with his friend max and break his heart like a stain glass window.

    But I think the real Jack isn't that smart and would be open to your advances incase he gets laid.


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