How to meet girls when I have no free time?

i really want to avoid online dating apps. i would love to have a serious girlfriend, but tbh wouldn't mind 1 or 2 hookups (not a must!) till i meet my love. finding something serious online seems impossible, and for a random hookup, i finally accepted the fact that i don’t have the looks for online dating, so hookups are not happening either. so i guess i have to start meeting women irl.

i’m an hardcore introvert. its really hard for me to approach somebody out of the blue. from what i’Ve read these last days, i’d say that 95% of guys meet girls at work, through friends, through some other activities/hobbies they do/have (some men participate in those activities JUST to meet girls lol), or in a club/bar or so.

at work, i only work with men over 35. keep in mind im 24. im not meeting women there
my friend circle is really weird. its also just guys. one has a girlfriend (Same for many years now) and all the single guys, NEVER talk about women. therefore im also not gonna bring it up. i think meeting girls or even A girl through my friends is not happening either
i only have one hobby, my big passion, which is done alone at home (jerking off! jk). its music. but i can't really meet anybody through that. i dont have much free time during the day to take up another activity. not to mention, if i did anything just to meet girls, it just would feel fake af, and i prob couldn’t do it anyway. so hobbies, also won't help me find love.

does this just leave bars and clubs? i don’t think i can find a serious girl in the club. maybe some hookups, but thats not really what i want.

so, just wtf do i do lol? how should i approach this?


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  • Just try online dating. Seriously. I met this guy im close to on tinder. I know its very very rare to find someone like him who doesn't only want hookups, i wasn't there looking for relationship either, i was just there to find new people to hangout with. Then i met him and we kind of hit it off.

    • as i'Ve said tho. for online dating, the looks really are not in my favor. based on girls saying online that you have to be at least a 7 or an 8 to do anything! i've been on these sites for almost 2 years and managed to get one date only.
      im gonna stay on those sites, for now at least. since i can use it on my way to/from work or so, but ijust dont have any expectations whatsoever from it

    • but thanks for your opinion! :)

    • Hmmm okay then.. Well erm try joining like courses and stuffs like that.

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  • Dude, I certainly understand your pain. I know how you feel about the lack of meeting girls online. The thruth is that online dating is just a waist of our time for us guys, because if you don't look like Brad Pitt or any of those good looking Hollywood actors, don't make more than 100k a year, and don't drive a Ferrari your not going to get a date with a girl who you are really interested in meeting in person. I am not saying that your bad looking or anything like that, but the thruth is that most girl in the online dating community are just looking for guys that in the real world will be out of their league. They have this absurd and incredibly high demand criteria of who they want to meet, which makes it really difficult for most of guys to meet them. My best suggestion to you about meeting a girl, is to try meet someone in the real world on your free time as you are going to have a lot more changes of getting a date with a girl like this than if you do the online dating bs. I know you said that you don't have time to meet a girl, but I sure know that you can make up sometime for that if you are really serious about finding a relationship with a girl. I am telling g you this because that's what I am trying to do myself right now, as the online dating thing was a complete disaster for me. My response rate was a joke. And the girls who message me were not the ones that I will personally be interested in meeting in person. Not saying that I was after Hollywood looking, super attractive girls, as I also message girls with average looks and who happened to be a bit fat...


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  • I totally feel you! I am in similar situation. Atm I just think the true love will come from your instruments themselves 🤣 fortunately I play a few of them so I feels up my freetime.

  • First off take care of your appearance and self confidence. Then come back here and we'll talk about how to meet women.

    • sorry, what makes you think i have low self confidence?

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    • lmfao! i thought you would say it was because i said that i didn't have the looks for online dating. but you think i have low self esteem because im an introvert and can't approach ppl?
      i seriously dont

    • I agree with the asker. I have astronomical self confidence I was told and by many... But it still hard for me to go talk to just anyone random. Ok I am not an hardcore introvert anymore but I used to be today I guess I have difficulty with meeting people just out of habit and not knowing better I guess but still it has nothing to do with my self esteem/ self confidence

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