Does he just want sex or could it mean he actually wants a relationship?

I have been talking to a guy from POF for 2 months now. We make each other laugh and we have talked about all sorts of topics. We talk every day. He brings up wanting to be in a relationship with me (side note, he is now moving 5 hours away to help his dad out but we discussed possible long distance). But I made it clear when we started talking that before I go to any guy's house that I meet online that I want to meet in person in a public place and just go for a walk or coffee. Just whatever really as long as its out in public. He makes comments about how I should come over and spend the night and have sex. I tell him, we meet first then I will consider it. He just says " yea yea". Am i really being that much of a prude to want to meet a guy first and make sure we click before jumping into bed?
All he has to do is go for a walk and spend time together before we get serious... thats dating isn't it? lol


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  • he's makes it clear he just wants 2 bang ya dont see that? if everything he talk about is sex that's what he wants from you

    • he talks about more then just sex and he said he normally doesn't keep talking to someone after a week if he doesn't like them. I guess I was just being hopeful.

    • Maybe im wrong but he is clearly not listening 2 you or he would of talked with ya and went on a walk and would be banging ya right now ^^

    • I understand what you're saying. Thanks

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  • It kinda sounds like he mainly wants sex. And no, there's nothing wrong with wanting to know him first before considering anything sexual.

    • Yea that's what I really starting to think. Think I should just out right ask him if thats all he really wants?

    • Yeah confronting him about it would be a good idea, hopefully he'll tell the truth.

    • Thanks, I appreciate the advice.

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  • I think that guy is desperate. he is not one of the good guys. he just wants what he's asking for. you can't expect him to commit either.

  • You're not a prude, you are being smart! Get to know him in person before doing anything serious.


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