First time dating a girl?

I'm a 22 year old girl and I'm bisexual. I've been talking to a girl on tinder for a while and we're meeting tomorrow. First of all, I have never dated a girl before. There's a lot to think about, like should i get her something?

My second question is that I'm only out to two friends. Coming out will not be that big of a deal if I decide I like this girl, but is it completely rude to even date a girl if I'm not out?
I'm just out of a relationship and I use tinder as a distraction really, would it be really awful to tell her that?


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  • Well, I'm no expert on two girls dating but I can give you some outside perspective. I wouldn't view this date as any different then me going on a first date with a girl and I usually don't get them a gift. Second, it seems to me as long as you are straight about where you are at in coming out and what you are doing on tinder there should be no issues. If you are not ready to come out then you may wanna say so. If you are using tinder as a distraction then it really only reflects that you aRe just trying things out to see how they go, no big deal.


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  • It'd probably be polite to let her know you're not sure you're up for a serious relationship yet. As to dating while you're not out to everyone? As long as she's okay with it, sure.

    As to getting her something on a first date... do people do that? Some probably do, but if you wanted to keep it casual, that's okay too.

  • Telling her that tinder is your distraction is like putting your mouth in a lion's mouth. do get her something although you never know she's thinking the same stuff as you (about the non-serious part).
    best of luck! and sorry I'm unable to understand the second question.


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