How to start the most succesful jewelry line?

I have a talent for hand crafting. I can make jewelry easily and i want to start my own haute couture fashion earring line, i dont have much to do anyways with my life... how can i become succesful and stick with it?


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  • You just do it. my friend knits and makes things from wool hand-crafter bangles to even purses. The thing you have to worry about is advertising... Maybe if i take a look, i can help you with that... build you a website if necessary.


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  • there are many ways to sell here are few

    1. ebay
    2. own website (hard part is getting traffic to your site)
    Hardest part is advertising and selling your products remember you need to build BRAND, have GOOD website because website will represent your site. If you're willing to spend at least 2500€ (2500$) you can get quite good website, it'll be profesional not like this guy said I can help you haha website developers are paid very well, but that professional website will give you more sales, more income etc.
    3. facebook page
    4. Pinterest
    5. Twitter
    There are many ways to promote your product, BUT remember every way is quite hard way and you need to know how to advertise it. It can take and I'm sure it does take years to learn.

    Start with Design your brand -> name your brand -> pay for website development + design don't go for some cheap website it's not worth it. -> get. COM domain name -> advertise your website -> good luck


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  • Start selling on etsy and other sites then grow with demand


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