How should I go about this situation?

There's this boy who I started talking to over yik yak (don't judge, we were both bored and just wanted a conversation). We both commented on a yak about who was waiting until marriage for sexual relations and we both were. We've been talking, not talking-talking or flirting, just talking for about 3 weeks. Anyways we've just been having casual conversation but he seems great. We go to different universities in the same town. Anyways, I really want to meet him and get to know him more but since there has been no flirtation I don't want to get the wrong idea. I tried nonchalantly bringing hanging out up by asking him if he's ever been to a specific event. He said "no but he heard it was fun haha". I told him "I'll consider going, it just depends." He responded with "Haha I feel you. I have a dorm dance on Friday so I can't go...😕" any thing else I can do without actually asking him? Don't say flirt because I'm not good at flirting.

PS: it has been like an ongoing conversation. Like we talk until one falls asleep or something then the other person responds the next morning. And it's been on kik and we exchange maybe 5 messages a day because neither of us get on the app very often.


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  • Sounds like he ain't interested...


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