I have my first date tonight and I'm friggin nervous?

He's a big business man - loads of money and class - and IT'S MY FIRST DATE. I'm about to go crazy.
How to calm down?
What to wear?
How to act? ----- don't say be yourself --'
What to say?

:O Thanks
Ok guys thanks for the support it went amazingly well 😊😊😊😊😊


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  • "don't say be yourself" so who are you going to be? if he likes you, he likes you. if not, he's not. but if you pretend to be something you aren't, then what are you trying to do? at some point, he's gonna se "who you really are". anyways, you didn't give us any information. where are you going? when are you going? you aren't going to wear a dress if you go to an amusement park, for example. and it's just meeting up with a dude, you aren't at a job interview. if you were meeting a friend or someone you weren't attracted to, you wouldn't think 2 shits about it. also, he's a business man. maybe at 30, he's a little more sophisticated at times, but i was a business major too... most of us are clowns. he's just a dude. anyways, good luck :D

    • we're having dinner in a nice restaurant at 8. and what about the heels issue? I'm as tall as him but got brand new heels... they aren't too high though. will he feel non masculine or something? thank you :)

    • ok, then wear a dress. I don't know. sure. wear heels. it's your choice.

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  • Omg! You should wear something decent not super fancy but decent nonetheless. My best advice is too talk to him like you've known him for years that's what I do.

    • He's as tall as me but we're going somewhere kind of classy. Should I wear somewhat short heels?

    • Ps your bod is goals

    • If he's as tall as you then yes wear some shorter heels, and maybe a nice business casual dress. And thanks for the compliment girl

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  • How old is this guy?

    Dress nicely, remember your manners, and remember - he asked YOU! Talk about your ambitions and hopes for the future. Ask him about his PERSONAL hopes and plans.

    • He's 30 :) I like older guys. Why?

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    • Thanks for the tips ☺️☺️ Wish me luck!

  • If you needed to do more than just be yourself you wouldn't be worrying so much about it. Glad. X

  • Loads of money I see already why your going out with him

  • How to calm down?
    Listen to this
    It's not the end of the world. You don't need to do this all perfectly. Just enjoy the date and stop trying to make it be something.

    What to wear?
    Depends on where you're going. I always advise wearing a red, blue, or green. Dress up to the point that it's noticeable that you tried and were very excited about the date but don't dress up so much that you'll risk looking out of place or that you're uncomfortable.

    How to act?
    Don't act. Acting on a date almost always leads to everything feeling fake and disingenuous. Instead of acting do what I do and focus almost all of your attention on two things appreciation and curiosity.

    What to say?
    Be kind to everyone not just your date. Ask questions and not like surface level how's the whether kind of stuff. Try digging a little deeper. Don't be afraid to say what you like and what you believe. No one wants to date a liar.

    Good luck. You'll do fine.

  • calm your titties down. being nervous means you pedestalise the person and overthink things. hve no agenda whatsoever just aim to having a good time and things willgo smooth.


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  • Don't act like a gold digger. That's it.

    • 😂 what would acting like a gold digger be?

    • mentioning money every 5 seconds XD believe me or not.. I've seen this many times hahaha

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