What would you do if you like a guy in your class?

1. Do you look at him quite oftenly while he's not watching?
-If yes, Do you take a quick look or probably few mins?
2. Would you smile at him for no reason when he started talking to you about some school stuffs?
3. Would you give constant eye contact while he's talking to you and smile or would you turn your head back and fourth to him and give eye contact for a few times & smile while he's talking?
4. What would you talked about if you have a chance to talk to him?
5. What would you do if you are caught looking at him (by him)?

Bonus: How do i see if a girl likes me in my class?

Other feedback or additional answer is welcome!
Thanks in advanced!


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  • I won't look at him for more than 3 seconds at a time.
    I might smile at him for no reason.
    I would turn my head back and forth and give eye contact/smile.
    I would ask questions (assuming this is college) what his major is, if he lives on campus, what grade he's in, how old he is, what his hobbies are, etc. anything to get to know him.
    If he catches me looking, I'll quickly look past his gaze, like over his shoulder to someone in the distance behind him.
    The girl might also giggle or blush, play with her hair, poke or tease you, hug you, talk in a higher register, etc.

    • What if she fulfill all the requirement except one thing which she doesn't play with her hair or poke or maybe tease me?(The whole last paragraph)@ paragraph 6.

    • Then there's a good chance that she likes you.

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  • I'd look at him when he's not looking, not for 3 minutes straight because I don't want other people seeing me do that either. If he is talking to me, I'd give him eye contact, I do that anyway. I'd be embarrassed if he saw me looking at him.

  • 1. but by couple of seconds. Rather not make it awkward

  • if a girl likes you, you will probably notice that she'll look at you during class. when you guys talk, she will blush a lot and maybe twirl her hair or bite her lip. also, when you talk , she will always be smiling


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