Am I weird for not having an interest in dating?

So I am 26 years old and have never really had a serious relationship with a woman. My aunt the other day asked me do I talk to women to which I responded to her question as not really. My other cousin asked me when are you getting a girlfriend to which I responded as I really don't know when. I am a quiet guy who has really been single the majority of his life and have never been really interested in dating. I'm used to doing my own thing and let's be honest relationships are expensive lol. I see attractive women everyday but still not really interested in asking them out. Women have asked me out but I politely decline. Am I weird?


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  • I don't consider it weird at all.


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  • No, you're not weird. Some people just aren't into it.

    • Don't get me wrong I am attracted to women, I guess I haven't found one I really liked.

    • Ha! Most guys could say that too!

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  • My younger brother is 22 and hasn't even had his first kiss or first date yet and it doesn't seem to bother him at all


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