Is my boyfriend into me?

He is very affectionate when we are together. He loves to take care of me by paying for dates and cooking for me. I like to cook and pay for some Inreturn he insist when he is the host he does all that.

The cutest thing he did recently was whipping my face when I got food all over it.

He he often look at me and smile for no reason as well. Sometime he would say you are like a kid and then kiss me.

Some of the things he does make me have doubts are we have 2 standard dates but he can never commit to things like when we going to watch a movie. He will just a decide when he feels like it.

Also so he likes photos of girls on Instagram who are half naked with loads of make up and doing duck face. They are nothing like me. I'm a natural beauty who turn heads everywhere I go. May be those kind of girls are what he wants? And he is not really into me?


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  • You sound really into yourself. Anyway. Who cares about the Instagram pics. It's like his type of porn sounds like.

    Some guys just suck at setting a time for dates don't think it's intentional just happens


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