How do you know how you feel about someone? I really need help?

So this guy and I talk/text constantly about anything and everything, we know eachother for a while but close this last 2 weeks and we hang out a lot too. He's almost always the one to text first and he'll text me good morning. He's talked to me about girls and I give him advice on them too. He's told me he thinks I'm pretty but I don't see it so I tell him that but he doesn't accept that answer and gets mad at me for thinking that, he's also told me that he would hook up with me too but he doesn't just hook up with girls he has to know them first. I did something really bad by accident last week and he was mad at me for a day but he wanted me to come over the next night with a few friends and he wouldn't take no for an answer and he kept saying that he needed me there and that he wasn't mad anymore and last night he told me that one of his friends like me and I said I didn't know how bc I never flirt with people and he kept mentioning that I "never flirt with him soo" like 3 or 4 times and "we text constantly but you don't flirt with me" and he got mad when I fake put him in the friend zone with my friend over FaceTime and hung up and text me that he was mad that I did that but I don't get why he does all this and it confuses me and how I feel about him because he's telling me he likes this one girl but not anymore and now he likes this other girl I know but then why does he constantly talk to me then and we always say I love you and shit joking but I don't know how I feel and I had a sinking feeling when I heard he liked this new girl?
Whats going on with me?


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  • Well, at a certain age guys/girls like a lot of guys and girls. From what i can read and progress he is:

    A. Trying to get your attention (attention seeking from a specific person not necessary fancy etc)
    B. He really likes you but wants you to go to him first (aka get you jealous mentioning other girls he likes)
    C. He wants to ask you to help him with a specific girl.
    D. he's doing the i like this girl and you but which ever girl comes to me first i will love her. (sorta like first come first serve).
    E. Errrr not enough information to think of the other options, it might not even be any of the 4 and is totally something else, but thats what i would thing.


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