What do you think of clingy girlfriend?

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  • varies, at the beginning, maybe, sometimes in some relationship because some guys like it. later on... nooooooooooooooo.

    Being a clingy girl friend might put the guy off and he might get bored/annoyed of the clingy girlfriend

    • Well, seeing as I'm a straight girl, I have no opinion, but in response to this answer, good to know (I happen to be very clingy) but seriously, the girl is just trying to show you that she loves you! She won't cling onto you if she doesn't. So, keep that in mind.

    • @Adhara Well there a thing called too much love, for example if a parent is too clingy to their children its sorta the same, at early times its ok, but later on the times too much love can be an unhealthy relationship since if a girl just jumps onto a guy the guy might feel that this girl is easy to get, unless the guy also feels the same way. I understand that the girl is showing that she loves the guy but the guy needs some personal space like what he wants to do (alone time) like hanging out with some family relatives, guys night out, work, etc

      I hope i haven offended clingy girls its just that some guys need their own time sometimes.

    • I understand that, and girls need alone time, as well, but as long as she understands that, and the guy understands why she's so clingy, there shouldn't be a problem, I think.

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  • I like being a clingy, controlling, and paranoid boyfriend.

  • I couldn't handle it, I'd have to dump before she drives me insane in the membrane.


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