I feel I am going certain girls because I have low self esteem, is it wrong?

I feel like deep down I'm starting to be attracted certain to girls because there is lower change of rejection or them cheating on me. For example the last girl I dated was really obese. I think I do find them attractive and I know for sure I think they have wonderful personalities. I find other girls way more physically attractive then them so I immediately put them in a not possible for dating category and assume they are not interesting or would have anything in common with me. I feel guilty because I know they aren't that attractive but for some reason I think they are and want to date them. It's weird because I'm conflicted. They have great personalities and are great people I just don't know if I'm truly attracted to them or not. I might feel self conscious about liking someone society would sat is not attractive. Should I wait until I raise my self esteem?


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  • That is normal. Also, don't wait and raise your self-esteem since honestly it doesn't sound like you'll be that successful at that anyway.


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  • I consider it normal. I wouldn't advise you to wait.


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