I'm lost in this dating world. Care to help me?

Today I asked a guy, that I was talking to, why he suddenly stopped replying to me.
He responded by saying that I was getting too serious.
I guess I can understand him, but it's really confusing for me.
How can I tell if someone is serious of me or is just flirting and sending me kisses?
This era is so shitty to me. I haven't dated in 4 years and guys just seem to want less commitment and more physical.
It's stressing me out. I want something geniune. I'm not into casual sex. I need some type of commitment.
Another guy I was talking to, we were exclusive, he didn't wanted anything with me anymore because I was thinking or acting like a girlfriend.
Seriously? Everything I do, I do wrong. It's heartbreaking.
Should I not take guys seriously? Should I play them like they play me? Should I not give a damn about their emotions? Just treat them like entertainment?
I don't know what to do. I don't treat them bad at all. If anything, I'm what you want in a girlfriend.
Why am I being used and thrown like im not valuable? I am not ugly.


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  • Well are these guys online or real life friends? As well as most guys/girls in this era that like to see what different guys/girls feel like. However not every guy and girl think that, just that you haven't found one like that.

    there are guys out there that are more committed, maybe there are some online since they are less physical. I think the term your finding yourself is not girlfriend but a good/great friend since you do care for them and they probably taken the wrong thing, not everything you do is wrong just the wrong timing, to the wrong person, whether you take guys seriously that's up to you and were all human that entertain each other.

    If you don't know what to do, then ask yourself what would you like to do? Read a book? Play games? chat to people online? Now the next step is What would you like to do next?


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  • If a guy is really serious about you, then he will ask you out, do favors for you, listen intently to your problems, offer advice, confide in you, and lots of other things, in addition to flirty texting. Yes, some guys only want casual sex. But the majority of guys I've met are in committed relationships with their girlfriends, including my boyfriend. (We are both waiting for sex as well, and so is my best guy friend.) You are not doing anything wrong. Just don't be too eager or excited if a guy starts texting you. Stay alert for other signs as well. If he really likes you, it will be obvious and you won't even need to ask about it on here. Don't stop taking guys seriously; very sincere, honest and loyal guys DO exist. Don't give up.


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  • Maybe be slightly more forward about your intentions for him. But sounds like you are open to meeting new people. Sounds like you're doing the right thing if you're trying to meet a nice guy who wants you around for whatever level of relationship you're thinking. Wish I knew a girl that liked me this way anymore. Try not to feel bad. They're just of a different mind set than what you're after. If anything you could try to determine if they're going to get scared and run after they simply assert you're acting like a 'girlfriend'. Or whatever stupid excuse they make. Keep trying. I wish there were more girls that tried the way it sounds like you do.

  • Your probably talking to guys poor moral character. Feel free to message , I'll talk about whatever.

  • Maybe try going a little slower next time. If a guy feels rushed into a serious relationship when he doesn't feel the same. He feels like he is using u and misleading u and is better off running for the hills. Make it more casual without any commitments and make him feel more comfortable about where the relationship stands. Then when the time is right then things can get more serious. Its sorta like jumping into deep water before knowing that u can safely swim in shallow waters. Take it step by step and dont jump into anything serious straight away.


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