This situation could not get more confusing. I feel like she wants something?

This girl and I met through a mutual hobby 2.5 years ago. She went out on a date with a friend of mine and it was tragic, (I know because she told me). She's really shy and I'm fairly open. We talked for a while and I just kept getting the cold shoulder when I spilled feelings. Not exactly a no, just more of a anxiety issue. Fast forward a year. We talk far more frequently and she's putting forth an effort (as am I) to be good to one another. She admitted that she was distant to protect herself. We've been on a date recently, it went well! We communicate a lot. And I finally got up the nerve to send an email (so her mid thought responses wouldn't change my thoughts) basically telling her how I feel and for her to digest it in her own time. HELP! Ask anything you need I'll do my best to answer!


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  • So what was her reply and what kind of help do you want?

    • I want to know if I should continue? She hasn't responded to it. I definitely know it's been read though because she's done this once before. We are talking like normal. Just wanting to know what's next. She asked to hang out after exams (next week)

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    • You will see that I am right in the future.

    • If so I can accept that. I just want a solid confirmation either way.

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