So I have been dating a woman that has 4 kids. I'm 20 and she's 29 and she still is involved with her babby daddy. she's is in jail right now?

Her baby daddy left her and I took care of her and her kids, and it seems like she doesn't even care. And every time her and her baby daddy go through it we go through it. I stayed for the kids now she's in jail and the baby daddy has the kids?
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  • Dude, you're 20. Too young for this stuff. If you're man enough to help with her with four kids, she should be decent enough at least to call it quits with their father. It sounds like you're trying to be the good guy in all this, but she's not helping herself by landing herself in jail, so what can you really do for her? You should find someone closer to your age that will appreciate all that you do for them. Best of luck.


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