Why do guys dont ask for date but their action show love?

Hey guys. I really need your help. I met this new guy past two weeks. every night he text me. he didn't ask me for date, we went out once to a coffee shop since then he text me more than before, he told me he have a long-term girlfriend but he calls me, text me and give me even i dont ask, caring and wonderful man. we go out together nothing emotional -libarary, pool. But never ask me out for date. he said he doesn't want anything from me but i like him the first day i saw him that why i gave him my number. What do you all think?


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  • Keep things the same. Maybe he feels comfortable having things like this. He may like you. But may not want to mess up the way things are.


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  • Maybe he was subtly trying to tell you he doesn't like you?


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  • Why don't you ask him? Perhaps he's too shy.


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