Will this date change her mind about me?

So there's this girl I have a crush on in high school, we've been texting for a couple of weeks and hung out once and I've kissed her because of a dare her friend wanted me to do but it was a pretty awkward kiss haha. My friends have asked her how she feels about me and she knows I like her but she's said that she is not too interested in me and dosen't really like me in that way... At least not yet.

I asked her out on a double date to an NBA game this weekend because my buddy had four tickets and he was taking his girlfriend. and she said yes and that she'd love to go with me. So what can I do this weekend to maybe change her mind and see if maybe I can get her to like me more? We don't really know eachother that well but I would like to see if I could maybe get her more interested in me and change her mind. What can make her have more attraction and interest in me? I'm not having any expectations that she'll change her mind about me, but I'd like to give it a shot and do the best I can. Any advice would help.

Thanks (:


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  • I can almost guarantee that when her friend dared her to kiss you it was probably orchestrated between your crush and her friend. I would say that doing really nice things for a girl like taking them to an NBA game and what not will definitely improve yourself in her eyes, but it won't create feelings or love out of thin air. Good luck with your crush!


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