Help - How Do I Tell a Coworker/Friend I'm Interested?

So my feelings have gotten much stronger for a coworker/friend. For the past three months we've had lunch every day, go for walk breaks, etc, and other coworkers have commented on how we're "attached at the hip". I found him attractive right away as soon as he started at my company four months ago, and we just kind of gravitated toward each other. I tried to keep my feelings platonic but the more I'm around him the more I love his personality too. We also hang out outside of work, but so far only with our friends and not alone. I really can't seem to shake these feelings but I'm also afraid of making things awkward. I really don't know where he stands on this. I know he likes being around me (he's the one who asks me to lunch everyday) and can be a little teasy/flirty/eye contact, though he also seems to be a bit of a klutz around me... He's also admitted to me that basically every girl he's been with in the past was the pursuer... I'm just afraid to take the leap but getting to a point where I can't ignore it anymore. Any advice is much appreciated.
ETA I am also horrible at laying on the flirting. I am a very friendly and chatty person by nature but I am like that with everyone, and because I'm also shy I don't tend to treat guys I'm interested in any differently... I only try to hang around them a little more and hope they take the hint. So in a sense I am aware I probably give off friend vibes or send mixed signals.


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