How to get over someone?

You know how when you've known someone for so long it's kind of natural to develop feelings for them? Like when people fall in love with their best friends?

My situation. We've known each other for God knows how long and I can't help the way I feel about this guy. He's just got a girlfriend though and they're really happy. I'm not the kind of person to selfishly break up a couple because of what I want, so I've just made the decision to get over him so no one else knows.



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  • trying to deal with this myself but just give it time the pain will leave and one day ur just gonna wake up without thinking about him. One day believe it... its just gonna be a sad memory and nothing more.

  • Me time is the key.

    Go to many places alone, get to know yourself, love yourself.

    Learn new things, keep yourself busy.


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