What do I do now this girl is so confusing?

we've been talking to her for 5 months i bought her flowers candys a card to make up her bday she said she wanted be friends but yet she acts like a girlfriend flirts a lot then thanks giving she was texting me saying she saved the rose and reads the card over and over then Monday i called her she was acting really differnt acting kinda bitchy i had ask when am i gonna see you she's all i busy i been working 2 jobs im like ok i told then she says something bout i barely know when i said dude we been talking for 5 months and hung out few times she was like stop i don't wanna talk bout it then b4 that she had talked bout the flowers i said time for some new ones she's all no ur good so i was like why are you so scared and why say all that stuff which i mean flirting and saying lets cuddle and saying she saved the flower and card then i hung up on her i got mad and posted on my fb and said i guess 5 months doesn't count as getting to know someone she textd me next daying saying you posted what we talk boutd and thats childish and ridiculous i never textd back do i say anything back what do i do just back off i really like her but she acts one way then does another i think she's scared but won't admit it


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What Girls Said 1

  • She is not interested. Stop chasing her.

    • well she me a message of a video last night of little boy tryna kiss girl saying thats me I don't know what meant by that

What Guys Said 1

  • maybe your over-pursuing? ease off a little and let her put some effort into you

    • last time i did she was liking all my stuff on fb how long should i do that for do u think she will

    • Well if you backed of before and she chased you, it obviously works mate.. just do the same, let her come to you when she is ready. have some patience

    • im trying im usually good at having patience and speak of the devil she just messaged me on fb some vide of saying thats u of ill boy chasing a girl tryna get a kiss and saying thats you good night

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