Guys, is this more than just a hook up/fling?

Ok so this guy I had a huge crush on in high school (the crush was reciprocated but when he graduated we stopped talking) is now "back in my life"... It started off just texting but now we hang out, goto movies, and have AMAZING sex. He's a college grad & im still attending... I waited a few months before the sex b/c I wasn't sure what I wanted from him. He said he's not looking for a girlfriend (im not rlly looking for a boyfriend either) but the more we hangout the more i like him! We BOTH agreed that it would be best to just go with the flow.. (we both were in pretty serious relationships earlier this year but now we're both single). I made it clear that I just expected respect & consistency from him...(He's been doing great with this part btw). It's kinda like we caught up from where we left off in high school so its not like he's a stranger. Things have been going really good I just don't want to end up falling for him while he's having temporary feelings.


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  • SO what you are having is Friends With Benefits. If it becomes too serious for one member they can get hurt, because the other person does not have that kind of feelings about the other. It really depends on what you each think. If you think you are falling for him just ask him if he likes you any way more since you guys have started.


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