Why don't you like fat girls?

we don't choose to be fat. and even if we do work out, half of us don't lose weight. why do you prefer the sh*tty anorexic blond bimbos?

Guys choose girls that are confident. Don't be so shallow and bitter. You have to love yourself before anybody else can love you.I use to have self-esteem issues. I hated when people called me Beautiful. But love yourself and things will get better!
^^^that is what people always tell me... how untrue it is!and I exercise. I run 4 miles. I play tons of sports. but for some reason, I don't lose any weight. I eat fruits 24/7 and only drink water... and I keep gaining weight. IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE!


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  • Im not gonna lie: being overweight can make one less attractive, its sad. I used to be overweight I know how ahrd it was, I had to try extremely hard to drop my extra weight, Its hard and a lot of people have emotional issues (like me ) or can have a crappy metabolism. But I will say I don't think being overwieght makes you exclusively unattractive. I mean I went out with this oen girl that at on of ym friends said was "fluffy". And I mean yea I guess you could say she a bit on the heavy side but she was still gorgeous. She had beautfiul blue eyes, blonde hair, she was sooo cute. And more improtantly our chemistry was gr8, she was really sweet/fun to be around, spend time alone with, by far one of thebeast girls I ever dated. So if you keep up our personal appereance in toher areas your weight won't define your beauty, hang in there


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  • You don't choose to be fat? Oh really I guess you were forced to eat that cheeseburger, or you were physically incapable of doing any exercise? People are fat as a result of the choices they have made. Anyone can lose weight if they really try. I don't like fat girls because they are not attractive to me, just like they are not attractive to most of the world. I'm not saying I want a stick girl, but there is a limit.

    • The human being is meant to move their bodies, and exercising. The word exercising is just something that came up when the human being were getting more and more inactive. earlier there was all natural to move and doing things with your body, now you must put an effort doing it. if people think this way of being fat XXXXXL as a natural thing, they could rather be like fat 'worms' lying in there bed all the day, being like saggy jelly clots. That's how it is....

    • How are people disagreeing with this? Can anyone honestly say that when they look at an overweight person they are physically attracted to them?

    • A lot of people in denial that's all...

  • Maybe I'm missing sumpin. You wonder why guys don't by in large (no pun intended) like fat girls. This of course implies that you like fat guys (unless you're a hypocrite), so I don't understand what your problem is. You're a fat girl, so get yourself a fat guy, and live happily ever after. In fact, this is what most of us do. I'm slim, and I like slim girls of course. There are of of course slim and trim guys who have a thing for morbidly obese women. I don't know what's wid data, but more power to em. For the most part, "birds of a teather, flock together'. Always have, always will.

  • I don't like stick girls, but my girl HAS to weigh less then I do and I weigh 140. Also just to point this out, but women are actually biologically designed to retain both water and food. Now to add another point to this, but in order for you to gain fat you have to eat more calories then your body naturally burns and the amount you burn in exercise of course. By the way to point this out try drinking water and tea instead of soda, because soda is pumped FULL of calories and actually slows down your bodies metabolism. To make it worse soda kills libido! You hear that guys stop drinking soda!

  • You give fat girls a bad name. I know tons of girls who are overweight, and they don't bitch OR make excuses for the way they look. They take what they're given and they work with it, and they work it hard.

  • Oh no, I think your partly wrong there, you can actually choose how much fat you're gonna have, to a limit ofcourse. But there is a limit of fatness, and you can always get under that limit in some way.

    About the question I do not get it why I shouldnt like them?, I personally think chubby/fat girls often tend to be very cute and sweet. Also that they many times are having a very open sense of humour, easygoing and nice to being with. But also the same time, there are many fat girls that are very shy and laidback because of being inconfident, and scared of peoples oppinions. Just as there are nearly no bitchy and mean fat girl, at least I've never met one.

    And I do not understand why always girls who are not blondes, are thinking bad of blonde girls, calling them bimbos, sluts etc. Its a common thing I've heard and seen a several times, why is that? I think the blonde girls are the victims here.

    • Well, I've met A LOT of blondes and I've only met about two in a hundred that weren't stupid or a slut and they ended up my bffs.

      i could never get along w.a bimbo whore.

      and if you look at the celebrities most of the sluts or stupid girls are blonde. sadly its the majority of blondes.

    • May so be, but that's also to generalizing big, I guess we all are doin about something. I have also noticed 'many' slutty blondes, but I wouldn't be rude against them anyway, calling them sluts and dirty bimbos etc. It's like telling a fat girl that "she's soo fat". :s

  • jealous much?

    I can't say I like "anorexic blonde bimbos"... :/

  • a wise man once said

    "fat chicks need love too...but they gotta pay"

    your hostility towards thinner girls is not attractive

    • Lol Quagmire!!! YES! Dude send me a friend request, because you are too much awesome for just one encounter.

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  • Gaining weight when you're doing all the things you said you're doing isn't normal, it's usually a sign of an underlying medical problem. If it is and you got that treated, you would most likely lose the weight.

    Making excuses and putting others down most likely isn't going to make anyone think twice though, it just makes you seem bitter.

  • hey hey hey. kinda rude.

    here's what you said fromthe point of view of what my life is like:

    "why don't you like skinny chicks. we don't choose to be skinny. and even if we do eat a lot, half of us don't gain any weight."

    some people are just born the way they are. some are chubbier, with nothing they can do about it. some are skinnier, with nothing they can do about it - and believe you me, I've tried.

    iunno. it kinda sucks that ur generalizing about thin people. : \ but cause of the media - people have this misconception that thin = beautiful - which is rarely the case. some/most guys appreciate larger girls.

  • I find so much that is false in your statement. You may not "choose" to be fat, but every time you take the extra bite or choose the less healthy option, you have essentially made your choice.

    Weight loss is not about simply excersizing. The fact is that it takes changing your entire life to make weight loss not only do-able, but permanent. You need to eat healthy and the right portions as well as be physically active AND you need to keep it up or you will just gain the weight back.

    There is lot that factors in as to why a girl might be overweight, they are taught the wrong things about food growing up, they use food as an emotional crutch, they are poor and can't afford healthier foods, but very very few girls are just that way because they have a glandular problem, slow metabolism, or some other medical condition that prevent them from losing weight.

    I understand perfectly well that all people are born with different body types, but I also know that there is a difference between being big boned and fat, and between being pear shaped or appleshaped and fat .

    Gosh, I wish people would just take responsibility for their actions and quit trying to pass the blame. I did.

    We are all responsible for ourselves.

    Just because thin girls are thin, that does not mean they are anorexic or bimbos, and neither does it mean that guys neccesarily prefer them to larger girls.

  • Lol your jealousy is funny. Just because someone isn't fat doesn't make them anorexic. Just because someone has blonde hair it doesn't make them a bimbo. And there is no way anyone can exercise and eat healthily yet remain fat. You are lying. If you work out you lose weight. That's a fact. So instead of complaining that no guy wants you why don't you get off your fat arse and do something about it. Like working out maybe. You might not choose to be fat (if your parents have overfed you) but you can choose to do something about it. Maybe your sh*t personality also won't help in getting a guy. And why should guys find fat girls attractive? They aren't, they are disgusting to look at. Don't blame the guy, blame yourself, for letting yourself get to that state.

  • dude that was kinda rude

    but maybe at first impression bodies really come into play.. but personality is what it is dude.. if you have a sh*tty attitude like that its no wonder guys aren't jumpin at ya left and right!

    my cousins pretty big, and she gets some fine ass guys! like no joke dude the guy she's f***ing now was our childhood crush

  • Yea ummmm, that wasn't too cool ma'am, an ugly personality won't help because that's what guys look at most in a girl. Yea you might be fat, you can still pull a guy, chubby chasers. But even they won't want you if you complain too much. And If your so concerned, give Jenny a call,

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