Does he still like me?

i've been seeing this guy recently. and today we went on our third date. we were watching a movie at his place and in the first 30 mins, he started putting his arm around me and trying to hold my hand. i really like him but, i had a bad experience in the past where my ex went too fast in the relationship.

so i looked really uncomfortable by him doing this and he noticed it. i told him i just wanted to take things slower and i said that i had a bad experience in the past. he said he understood and would back off, but he said he also felt like a jerk for acting like that. i told him it was okay and i'm not upset, but he still seemed bad about it. then later today we were getting along really well and were talking like we usually did. and when i was about to leave, he walked me outside, and hugged me. it looked like he wanted to kiss me though (tbh i wanted to kiss him too but i was too nervous). and then i noticed that he kissed me on the forehead.

the thing is, he usually texts me a few hours after our dates end, but our date ended a while ago, and he hasn't texted me. is he losing interest in me because i asked if we could take our relationship slower?


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  • Yeah, he might be losing interest. I had hung out with girl 6 or 7th times, we were so close laying side by side on the bed together. Kissing on 1st date, physical touches have been triggered but no sex yet. And I let her know im moving on cause she isn't that emotionally superb n physically compatible with me


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  • I think you should realize that it's normal to want to hold someone's hand by the third date. He might really like you and want to be close to you which is a very normal thing to want. Now you might have upset him by making him feel rejected. It would be terrible for me to do something like try to hold a guy's hand (which is really something simple) only for him to reject me so try to put yourself in his shoes. If he was trying to have sex with you then I'd get why you are hesitant but he's not asking that of you by simply trying to hold your hand...

    I think you should have a conversation with him and explain to him your feelings. Make sure he knows you like him otherwise you will lose him.

    • i'll definitely talk to him about it. should i text him about it? or have a face to face conversation? sorry by the way this is my 2nd relationship so i'm really new at this stuff

    • No worries! That's how you learn. Nothing you can't fix. I say talk to him face by face. Then he can see you are sincere and makes it easier to talk things out.

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  • The only way you can figure this one out is by asking him yourself sure it is difficult but it's the only thing you can do, telling him how you feel and why you feel that way is a good thing. Because a healthy relationship is mainly being honest, honesty is key! 😋


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