Why am I so freaking indecisive?

I need to move out but i keep procastiniating, its like the worst thing ever, im 23 and its been 6 months since i kept sayin that i should even when i found a house i kept postponing it... whyyyyyyyyyy help? how cna i bite the bullet make a decision and stick with it?


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  • Set a deadline for yourself such as New Years party in your own place or super bowl party in your own place and work towards it. Get goals lined up to get there. Like getting pre approved if you are looking to buy and need a mortgage. Getting your down payment ready. Picking a real estate agent. Etc.

    Remember that it's not permanent. A good amount of research and decision making is good but if you don't like it in a year or two you can always change it up.

    good luck! Your first place on your own is exciting!!


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  • If I have to make a decision where one choice requires taking action and the other maintains the status quo (e. g., do I confess to my crush), unless I am 100% on-board and really don't have to think about it, I don't act. So because something is holding you back, subconsciously even, I'd say it's not the right time to move out yet because you already would have/wouldn't be struggling.

    • but it might never be the right time, i hate living with my mother, its too controlling sometimes, i dont hate her but she interfers a lot with me

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    • a little bit, but more of the fact that im alone, i can't stand loneliness, its extreme with me, i tend to get impulsive when im lonely

    • And there's your problem! Tadaa. Have you considered roommates?

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  • Stop pushing yourself. Wait until next week to figure out how to handle this problem.


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