I want to learn to trust him more after a bad past relationship damaged my trust?

The guy I am seeing (not official) has been sad today & wouldn't explain why. He has gone out drinking & has now asked to call me later...

A past relationship has damaged my trust for people & I'm scared that he's going to tell me something happened with someone. Even though a week ago he said he doesn't want to see anyone else because he is happy & 2hrs before he said 'miss you x'

I'm worried about what he might be calling me for & I want to trust him more...


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  • He just probably wants to talk with you that's it.

    And I never understood this "a past relationship damaged me so now Imma gonna act damaged." Look... if you are fully aware of the problems you went through in a past relationship then how come you still act as if you were just affected by them. I mean it's kind of like saying that you once stepped in to a puddle with you flip flops so as a result you started to wear boots. The only problem is that you're still wearing boots a LONG while after you stepped in that puddle.
    Just trust people who seem trust worthy and don't trust them if they don't seem like it.

  • Stop this girl.
    Not all men are dogs and some change with time.
    I used to dog and now am good.
    Be practical
    You should give him his chance.
    Being in a relation does not mean that you need to have sex.
    If the guy love you he will wait now dont be a bitch and make him wait forever.
    Take all your time to understand him and learn him.
    Love him with time, just dont go like
    aww this kiss was so cute i will mary only him.
    Girl love happen any time anywhere
    you cannot control it.

    Hope this helps :D


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