What would a guy think if the girl he's dating was diagnosed before with a personality disorder?

But as a child that is, when she was 12. It was NPD (narcissistic personality disorder), along with described as cold.

However it's always been 10 years later.


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  • If the guy really likes her then personality disorder shouldn't be a problem. It is only if the girl pushes the guy away would that be a problem. True love has obstacles and if he's not willing to jump over it for her then he clearly isn't the guy.

    Its similar to say would the guy carry on dating a girl if she was diagnose with cancer. if the guy likes her then he would be there for her. unless she pushes him off the cliff.

    • It's actually nothing like dating someone with cancer. And it's not a mental disorder like ADHD or OCD. What she's saying is that she's a psychopath. Totally different animal.

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    • "Totally different animal" is a figure of speech. And no, I'm specifically saying that's not true. I'm saying that sociopathy/psychopathy/narcissistic personality disorder is different from ADHD or OCD or bipolar disorder or even schizophrenia. Sociopaths have no conscience, no remorse, no moral compass. There is no treatment or cure. They are not to be trusted. They are the reason the world is the way that it is, since many of the world's leaders - political, business, religious - are sociopaths or psychopaths to one extent or another.

      And lest you think I'm talking out of my ass, you're welcome to look it up. Experts in these areas of psychology agree with this and it's been discussed in the mainstream press.

    • To be more clear, I'm saying that I would be able to deal with a person with ADHD or OCD or something like that, but not NPD or sociopathy.

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  • I would be shocked.


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  • I wouldn't date a sociopath. That's not something that goes away.

    • It was narcissistic personality disorder

    • You keep saying that like I don't know how to read. What I'm saying is that NPD is so close to sociopathy that many psychologists can't tell them apart, and many experts aren't sure there's a difference. Narcissism is one of the hallmarks of sociopathy/psychopathy.

    • And so is a cold, callous demeanor.

  • That one I think is like sociopathic and has no cure or treatment so I'd have to pass but it would be pretty obvious to most

  • I'd cease all lines of communications with her because I couldn't handle dating someone with a mental illness.


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