On the verge of breaking up? she's gave me 2 weeks?

So the girl I've been in a relationship with for 6 months is on the verge of breaking up with me. She broke up with me the other day but today when she come here i managed to peuswade her to give me 2 weeks.

she's got it into her head that im all these things that im not she thinks im childish but im not. It all gone to shit when we moved in together after only dating for 3 months.

We was ment to be going to paris on the 20th of this month but we was going to cancel it because financial problems. Do you think i should push for the paris trip as it may help patch this up?

What do you suggest i do? i really dont want to accept that its over because I've loved her since i was in school.


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  • I think moving in together so early was your first issue. Living with your SO is tough. And I wouldn't push for the trip. It was canceled because of financial issues, I doubt going will do anything if those issues are still current.
    Talk to her and ask her to elaborate on what she considers childish so you know what to work on.


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  • I don't think the answer to your problem is going for a tour. It can't be that simple, if she admits that it is that simple... then she's got problems. My suggestion is for the both of you to sit down spend some time and talk about it. Find out why she thinks that you are childish, if her reasons are vague and lies then you're better off without her. But if she does give you valid reasons then just try to make adjustments.


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  • so retrace your steps... what makes u so childish? think. If you truly believe you are normal try to talk to her again. If she refuse to tell you what you do wrong tell her whats wrong what going through her mind... ya know people can bring baggage.

  • Well Paris is a bad idea right now for many reasons. But yes I wouldn't go on a trip right now with her especially if you can't afford it that's a childish move.
    You need to work on things first. I would reccomend you taking a break from living together while you work it out also take her out and stuff like you did before you lived together


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