What would you do if you found out your first love was seeing someone else?

If you found out your first love was dating someone else, and you never had to deal with anything like that in your life yet, what would you do? My first love started dating her ex within a week, and i called her, and he answered the phone. I can't explain how badly i cried. Never went through so much pain.


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  • I'm sorry. If it ever happens to me though...

    1) Think of a revenge scheme. If it can be done before rationality returns to me, then I'm going to do it and not regret it. Of course this would come with no penalty towards me.

    2) Break up with him, not speak to him ever again, and warn any friends who end up dating him.

    She didn't deserve you by the way. Move on to a woman who will treat you right.

    • Its ok because that same ex boyfriend, she gave him an STD and left him. Then a week later she dates this new kid. Just imagine someone giving you an STD and then saying "oh well, your fucked. I'ma go date someone else now." like wtffff lmao

    • *shakes head* I don't feel sorry for the ex but that girl is... ugh,...

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  • I would be crushed but knowing myself well it only last for a while and than it leaves... I have had breakdown that last years haha but its never ever ever the guy it always lead back to me...

  • I'd be pissed af because we're very much in a committed relationship so that would mean he's cheating.

  • I can understand your pain but I wouldn't care at all. I move on pretty fast because I always try my best to look at things in a positive way. Obviously it didn't work out with my first love because we broke up, well then he was not the one for me and the one is waiting somewhere out there and that makes me happy. Then where do I put all those feelings I had for my first love? I occupied myself whenever he showed up in my mind, sometimes I had to cry just to let it all out and I would talk about it so much that I myself got so tired of hearing about it. I tried to focus on every negative thing about him and I kept telling myself that what's mean to be will be and if not.. Then it wasn't. I fell in love with myself, started dating a lot and met some great guys while he got into a relationship. I am 100% over my first love even though it was a little less than a year ago, I don't have any feelings for him.
    Not sure if I answered your question but hopefully I helped in some way. I can understand the pain you felt when another guy answer her phone (and all that comes with it) but look at it this way, she was not the one because the one is yet to be found and when you find her you'll know but for now, occupy yourself and live your life to the fullest.


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