People on the Internet and dating?

I don't even know how to word this.

Basically there's this guy who I've been talking to online for months who professed his love for me even though we've never met. And I freaked out a little thinking that there's no way, because we haven't even met. Or video chatted. Or voice chatted. And my family was telling me he must be crazy and desperate wanting to be with someone he's only known for a little while.

Well, over the past couple of weeks I've made more online friends and they've done the same thing but even worse. One guy, I don't even know what his first name is and we haven't even seen pics of each other but he says he wants to date me. And another, I do know his name and we know where each other live and he's saying he wants to have a relationship and he thinks he loves me.

Is this just how people are nowadays? Or do I only attract crazy people? It makes me wonder if the first guy isn't desperate after all but I don't know? Why is it that after talking to someone a few days they say that they want to be together? It's all of these guys doing it too. That's what's so weird to me.

Am I just too old to be in the loop and realize that this is just how it is now? Or do I somehow only end up talking to the people who aren't a good representation of guys? It used to be it took time hanging out in person for this to happen.
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  • They're probably just all very desperate, internet has changed the dating scene drastically. It's made it very hard for people to learn how to get out of their comfort zone and approach people in real life. So when someone pays attention to someone that doesn't know how to get out of that comfort zone, they feel like they have an immediate connection. Even if that connection is only online.


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  • It sounds a bit shady to me. I have tried online dating, within my city and from all over. They can say all they want (I've gotten the I love yous and marriage proposals before we even met). I believe more so in action now. It takes effort from both to make it work, and from my experience I was doing most of the effort. I made the mistake of giving money to one, he said for his son that I have interacted with via Skype. Just... never again. Be cautious, be safe.

    • Omg! Thank you so much. 😳 Very insightful. :( scary world out there!

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    • I might have to agree, for me as well haha.

    • Lol good luck to both of us! :)

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What Guys Said 3

  • i would say its weird since you mentioned because we haven't even met. Or video chatted. Or voice chatted i personally would want voice chat as well as pic exchanged, but hen again i am not usually on dating sites and more gaming sites. Meeting new people is normal, I know more young guys are trying to gate girls online a lot

  • Although "internet dating" has really caught on, the facts that you mentioned lead me to believe that the guys are not looking for a date but something else.

    • Thank you :) even though they live really far away and can't be a booty call?

    • I agree it is odd... but I just find it hard to believe that a guy can confess his love for you with such a limited amount of information/time spent with you (none)

    • I know that's why it weirded me out so much. I know I can't feel I love someone unless I've spent lots of time with them!

  • I can only tell from my experience: I used payed online dating last year and was very sceptical. But thing is: The women, like me, are working the whole week. You are so stressed out you even take your time to flirt in the supermarket.
    At the weekend most of the women stayed at home or with their girlfriends.

    Clubbing? No.. not anymore.
    Sports club? Women I met are going to a "womans only" sport center.

    80% of the women I met where pretty normal.
    10% of the women I met where fucked up.
    10% of the women I met where REALLY fucked up.

    But it is the same ratio in a club afert midnight. so...

    Statement: In my age range its just modern times.

    • Another thing: Only dating is "easy". You dont have to invest much at first. You just can skip trough the profiles while watching netflix. And we people tend to go the easy way.

What Girls Said 6

  • Yea they sound crazy I'd stop talking to them. I'm married and have been for years so I've no idea how to meet decent guys.

  • Never video chatted or voice called? Uhmmmm... You might want to fix that lol. You can sustain a relationship based off texts.

    • Cant*****

    • Yeah no that's the problem. I don't want a relationship. And they say they love me without ever having done that. Which is the whole issue. These guys think they love me and haven't even spoken to me or seen me so it makes no sense whatsoever.

  • On every dating website, for example you can use filter and look on girls that don't want children. So I don't know why u need special website if all other have this function. You can try trial accounts and explore other functions.

  • Oh really? Well you might be crazy! Just like in real life I only smart people seem to want hang with me but I am so opposite! Who know?

  • You're a crazy creep magnet.

    • I really am. I'm starting to think I just attract weird guys. I've always had a problem with that ever since I was a teenager. I don't know what it is. They're always crazy stalker types.

  • It's odd for sure

    • Thanks for your answer!

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