Is he playing me? Should I have the talk with him?

I've been seeing a guy for over a month now, maybe 1,5 soon 2. I know it hasn't been long but i really like him and we get a long really well and he is so cute to me, but I'm so scared he might be just playing with me? We see each other maybe once a week, cause were both so busy with school and other things, and I feel like he has so many reasons to why he can't see me or hang out with me all the time, but then again when we do hang out he suggests we should do things "tomorrow" like go to the movies or this n that. He also told me he told his parents he is seeing me. We're kind of stuck in a pattern where I come over now and then, and we have sex and I leave or stay the night, sometimes watch a movie and cuddle or go out of a walk. But like I said he is such a sweethearted nice guy and he told his parents? He also suggested that he could come over to mine soon and I live with my parents. But I still feel a bit "used" and he is not really making a lot of effort compared to others guys I've seen before, and I'm soooo scared that he is just playing with me and then I DON'T want to be wasting my time, fuck that.
What do you guys think of his actions and behaviour and should I have the talk with him and ask him where we're going? And HOW do I do that without scaring him away? What do I say?


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  • If your needs aren't being met in the relationship, and your insecurity is just making you feel worse about it, then end it. You can't force him to change his behavior, or reassure you constantly. You can only determine if you're happy with it the way it is, or if you aren't, and by the sounds of it, you don't trust that he has good intentions, which will lead to problems anyway.


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