She tells me to call, to go to her apartment, but doesn't answer/return calls. why?

Ive known this girl from work for a few years but she just recently came back from working in another city. She is real shy, her MySpace says she is mute, but seems to be opening up to me. Every time we make eye contact she gets nervous and smiles at me. I have asked her before to go out and she said yes with the smiley face (text message) and told me to call her whenever to go out. I called her but she never answered, when I called from a number she didn't know she called back but hung up before I got to the phone. The other day she told me she had just gotten a new apartment and she lives alone. Less than 5 minutes later she tells me to call her sometime so I can go to her apartment or so we can go do something. A few days later I call but she doesn't answer her phone. So again I try from another number, she answered but told me she was on the other line with her grandma and that she would call me back. She never did. Is sh just being shy or is she leading me on

not that it matters but the first time I asked her out she did give me a reason why she never answered her phone. she said her car wasn't working and she didn't think I'd want to drive 30 minutes to where she lives. her aunt...
... her aunt who also works at the same place had told me the exact story she did. I never asked her aunt about it, she just brought it up out of no where. it sounds like a legitimate excuse but idk.


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  • She's playing you. Stop all communication and move on. I went through the same thing, she is just f***ing with you.