We are supposed to see each other tonight but he hasn't contacted me at all yet... Is it all in his hands to do so?

we both go to college. I know he finds me attractive and is somewhat interested in me.

we met a month ago (through online... By me.. I messaged him randomly hey). And right away he asked to get coffee. We met a few days later for a couple hours & it went well & I definitely felt sparks..

So, he went out of state for a few days. it was a good week and a half until he asked to see me again. He asked me for coffee and to hang out. But I had to message him first and he was like oh yeah! This time--. So we met up for a couple hours again. At the end, he said to me we should have dinner this week. (This was 2 weeks ago) and he never got back to me even when I agreed yes we should. I had even messaged him on Facebook the next night asking him, to which he opened and never responded. I messaged him again once more (while on break away from school) about something random & funny, again.. Opened and didn't respond. But then, a day later he liked my picture on fb and my random status. We have mutual friends and I never see him like any of their stuff. So it's like he's making a point...

Then we got back a couple days ago and I saw him. He immediately said to me that we should get together this week.. I said the days I was busy and he said thursday! And i said sure! That sounds good! And he said great! And then we carried on our ways.

Im just wondering if he even meant it? I don't know if his inexperience with girls is making him not know what to do? I don't think he's hardly had a girlfriend and he's kinda in his own world, but still he isn't incapable of asking me.. It's in his hands right? I shouldn't have to keep reminding him?


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  • He isn't interested, and he only agreed to the idea when he met you in person, because it's easier than saying no to you. If he isn't responding to contact, or arranging the date, he doesn't want to. Take the hint, don't chase him.


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