He's playing with me right?

So there's a boy I've known ever since I was about 5 and one day he kept asking me out on a date so I said sure. I told his mom and she told me she always wanted us to date and always talked about me to him. I also found out he's talking to a girl who was always rude to him and he said he was over it. I ended up rejecting the date (because I felt like his mom made him ask me out), and I found out he started talking to the girl again. He told me they were talking and keeps asking me if I'm jealous, smiling at me when he sees me, staring, and trying to walk me down the hall in school. He even tried to walk with me after being with her. So he's playing me right? And do you think he asked me out to keep his mom happy?


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  • He's interested in both of you. He asked you out first, but you rejected him, therefore he moved on asking the other girl.
    He didn't play you.

    • He was already talking to her. I think he likes her more than me

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