Please tell me what he means?

Been dating this guy for 7 months now. In the beginning we had a few up and downs. But made it through.

Well the week before Thanksgiving he started not talking as much as he usually does...
I invited him for Thanksgiving having no hopes of him coming that night. He didn't come which i already knew he wasn't.
We haven't seen each other for 2 weeks. But had little texting action. Usually he texts back after awhile. But this wasn't like him..

So, i tried calling him a few times. And was told by my friends that i got placed on that dumb auto reject list on cell phones.. which is odd when we dont call much unless needed. Its more text or in person.

Well last night i called his job due to the non contacting. He hung up on me. Texted me saying we over. Blah blah bolagna stuff cus i made him mad for calling his job. Well, what do you do when your not getting through...
So something in his text got to me and i would like you all to decode it for me.

Mind you i did tell him off cus of how he was acting.

I told him i love you, but he wasn't ready to hear this from me yet. And since i was heated. It came out.

He said " im an a**hole for not loving you. And your not a bad person"

Okay to me this means he does love me but hecka scared to admit it. Everything has been awesome til before Thanksgiving. And yes im hurting due to this rejection.


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