Best way to ask this girl out?


I'm 29, she is 23.

This is in relation to my other question, you can see it my profile as I can't post links yet.

Still not sure if this person is avoiding me or not but I don't think I can handle the tension any longer.

I've decided I'm going to ask this girl out, but having never done this before I'm not sure where to suggest or what to say. I don't talk to her much.

I was thinking of saying:

"hey <name>"

"Do you fancy going for a coffee or watching a film with me this weekend?"

If she says yes I'll ask her for her number then say I have to get back to work then leave it at that.

Sound like a good plan?
To update, I forgot to mention this is a work colleague.
Maybe I could go for this instead:

smile at her
You up to anything this weekend?
let her respond
Do you fancy going for a coffee or seeing a film with me this weekend?
if its a yes then I get her number then say I have to get back to work if its a no I'm going to be absolutely crushed and say "alright, no worries, catch you later" and run off crying :P


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  • I think that's a good way. Pretty causal and not stressful way


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