My fiancé of 4 years won't go down on me what do I do?

So I've been with this guy for 4 years we recently got engaged, our relationship and sex life is amazing we never argue and regularly have sex. However... He has never gone down on me. He refuses to and will never tell me why. He won't let me go down on him because he says it's unfair because he won't to me. I don't know what to do, I'm extremely hygienic and even to make it better for him I try and wash before we have sex which he likes. What can I do?
When I broach the subject he come out with " when I think about doing it it does absolutely nothing for me, and I physically don't want to do it"


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  • You can't figure out what to do why until you find out why he won't.
    That is VERY strange he won't. He's making lame excuse not letting u blow him.

    It's totally worth calling off marrying this one. A lifetime missing out on some amazing forplay isn't worth just one guy.
    The pond is full of nice guys that could take his place and make you happy.
    It will become a major issue down the road and divorse isn't fun.
    Maybe time to cut ties and move on seriously. Even tho sex is good and he's nice.
    Something isn't right. He's hiding something quite big.


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  • People are saying it may be him but it could possibly be you as well. Maybe you have an odor or he feels like he may not like the taste. (Eating fruits and drinking lots of water helps with that btw) Or maybe the thought of it sincerely turns him off. It's not uncommon for some men to not want to do that.

    • He has never ever been down there so he wouldn't know the taste or smell, I wash before sex every time to try and help him a little I am a very very clean person. I think he just doesn't like it but how does he know because he hasn't tried

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  • That sucks. There has to be some sort of underlying reasoning.

    • Well when I broach the subject he says it does nothing for him and he physically doesn't want to do it...

    • What it does for him is makes you feel good, which should make him feel good

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