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I met this guy and we have been flirting for months and I sent booty pics to a guy after he asked and we had been talking and then he got them and begged for more, I didn't say yes or no but he stopped texting me and he hasn't really talked to me in a week. Like I see him and we talk but it's not the same, then I find out from his friend that he has talked about wanting more of a relationship rather than hitting it and quitting it, which is what I want. I this really what he wants? What's going on?


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  • Well as a guy trust me we won't approach women you must ask us other than that the dream girl for every guy is a girl that flirts with sex or booty not in public just small things speaking of that you should dump him and date me and send me those pics well that was my advice


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  • You basically showed him your the girl to get the sexy pics from (and you barely knew him), and that doesn't show a lot of restraint or self-respect, so it doesn't seem surprising that he wouldn't pursue you for a serious relationship, if that's what he wants.

    • That's what I thought and why I didn't send anymore but after this he told his friend that he was interested in more.

    • Yep, first impressions really stuff ya. Now you just have to accept things as they are. You took those actions, and he formed a judgment, and now that's how it's turned now. Learn from that for next time.

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