Dating civilian in military?

This crossed my mind multiple times.

Would like responses from current parents if possible.
But any reply/comment is acceptable

Would you let you Daughter (if you had one) that is still in high school date someone that was 2-4 years older then your daughter, and the person they were dating was military and has the up most respect and high morals and is honest and loyal.
  • yes i would be okay with this. Please comment why
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  • no i would not be okay with that. Please comment why
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by the way the job is Non-life threating
Lets say the guy is very protective, honest, loyal, Knows his boundaries.


Most Helpful Girl

  • So I'm definitely not a parent but I saw this and I really wanted to tell you that what you are doing is amazing! You need a strong girl (mentally) who can handle herself while you are gone, someone who you trust enough so you never have a doubt in your mind that she will be faithful to you. I don't see why they wouldn't want their daughter to have a great guy like you. If you meet this girl then you need to be straight forward with her parents and tell them what you want from the relationship. If you have to fight for her then do it. Best of luck to you and the girl that you meet is very lucky!

    • Wow... Best comment so far. Thank you

    • No problem. Let me know if you have any other questions

Most Helpful Guy

  • I would, if he was an officer and not enlisted.


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What Girls Said 3

  • If she was too young like that, i would prefer them to not have serious relationship until she is at least in colledge/university.
    About the job of the guy, i dont really like the idea that he is doing some jobs that can be danger to his life. For example who have to risk his life like fighting in battlefield.

    • Job is non life threating...

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    • how do your parents think?

    • Just like i have said, fine but wait.

      My mom really respect my decisions so she won't ban me on going with anyone but she will give me some advice about what the relationship might case.

      In this case distraction, and some risks dating with an older guy at early ages. But still, its fine.

  • I don't care about age but I would feel bad if my daughter would date someone who's in the military... The possibility of losing him and making her feel so depressed would break my heart.

    But oh well, my daughter can fall in love with whoever she wants.

  • A friend from HS is in the Marines and he just proposed to his girlfriend and she's civilian.

    I have another friend from HS. Somehow she was 16 when this happened even though we were most certainly in our senior year, she was dating an older boy (18). He was in the air force. He was being deployed. They were faced with the choice: Break up or get married. He proposed. They got married when she turned 17. Needed her parents to sign the consent form and everything.

    It happens. Not sure I would date someone in the military. Not sure that's quite the life I want for myself.


What Guys Said 2

  • Not only would it be illegal but having seen what a military relationship is like 1st 2nd and 3rd hand there is no way in hell it would happen.

    • that's understandable.

    • Now if she was 18... hey her body, her choice. Chances are she would be opposed to the whole idea anyways being my kid and all. Any guy touches her before that he is going to end up dead or in prison/the brig.

  • i would be against it. i've seen far too many examples of them turning into abusive psychos. you'd have to prove you're different.

    • understandable... now what if there is no combat or front line duty and they could prove they were different?

    • would be a point up, then.

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