Am I wrong for thinking that my boyfriend is a jerk?

We are now living far away from each other because he is in holidays and living with his parents at the beach.
He doesn't wants to visit me but expects me to go to visit him and the trip is almost 3 hours. He wants to pay my ticket but still I feel used because I do not understand why he can not visit me. First he told me that toorrow but now he cancel it.

I love him and he is going in 1 month but I am not sure what to do.


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  • He's doing the right thing.

    • Can I ask you... Why do you think so?

    • He's playing hard to get which creates a burning attraction in women.

    • But we have been together for 4 months

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  • He probably thinks you'd enjoy it at the beach but I would also say he's being unreasonable because he wants you to make the trip but he's not willing to do the same he making you feel like you want to see him more than he wants to see you. simply talk to him about the way you feel and if things don't change you then have a decision to make


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