What would you have done if this was your partner that did this?

  • I would dump them.
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  • They would have to make it up to me but I would not dump them.
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  • I would laugh as that would be funny.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm confused on why she says he should take the blame?

    • She is saying she is a woman and because women are judged in society for doing it more than men that he should take the blame.

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    • thank you

    • Your welcome.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Note to self , go to funerals alone

    • Yes well the fact she leaned to one side to do it means she knew it was coming and did that on purpose.

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    • Thank dude

    • Your welcome.

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  • 1. She obviously knew it was coming
    2. However, either she couldn't hold in in long enough to move away and decently let it go in privacy or just that she did it out of some sort of a dislike for the situation / dead guy etc?
    3. It can well be that some people when emotional react this way
    4. In her family and surroundings they may not have been taught etiquette on these grounds (a lot of them think it's normal)
    5. However, her asking the guy to take blame isn't done but yes considering her age group her reaction to the fallout is normal
    6. No need to dump her immediately but watch out in the future for similar instances
    7. At the age I'm at now there's nothing to laugh about farts and stuff and I wouldn't even in my teens but yes maybe while younger I may have :)
    8. I don't think there's any need to make her feel worse than she already is. But yes watch out for 'please take the blame' in the future :)

    • She farted on purpose I think. She just let it go loudly on purpose.

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    • She's just embarrassed hence manipulating the situation :) that is if she isn't manipulative the whole time :)

    • Well I do not know maybe but she did lift her ass check to fart after all.

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